Podcast Ep23: 3 Tips for Building a Portfolio that Can Survive and Thrive No Matter What Happens

“Get Rich” schemes are risky, but unlocking a life of freedom, choice, and abundance is 100% possible.

Find out if you’ve created a safe, robust, profitable, and repeatable portfolio in this episode! We cover some interesting facts learned from following three principles, which we’re breaking down today. 

Strap in and learn how to play the long game and achieve low risk, high return success. 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The 2 types of people in the market [06:43]
  2. The three states of the market [07:52]
  3. Real estate opportunities in a buyer’s market [10:07]
  4. Stick to your core investing strategy (what to take advantage of) [15:37]
  5. The property market isn’t a quick, “get rich” scheme [19:26]
  6. The First Principle: Focus on net-positive cash flow [22:31] segmented snippets?
  7. The Second Principle: High growth and choosing the right area [31:33]
  8. The Third Principle: Have multiple exit strategies (or add value) [37:11]
  9. ‘The Holy Trinity’ is a set of principles, not tactics [40:17]

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