Podcast Ep26: Playing The Long Game With Darin Butcher

Real estate goes through cycles. When you’re in the industry, you should be here for the long term.

Wiseberry Heritage’s Darin Butcher is with us today for a conversation on life as a sales agent, practicing high performance leadership, setting 25-year goal plans and so much more.

Get inspired to keep moving forward in your real estate journey as you learn from this impactful episode.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Leadership affects how great your people will (and can) be [10:44]
  2. The start of Darin’s real estate journey & portfolio [13:48]
  3. Changing to a positive cash flow strategy [17:15] 
  4. Growing and mentoring others to become leaders [21:01]
  5. Biggest lessons on leadership and running a business [24:31]
  6. Stay ahead of the game by investing in personal development [25:45]
  7. High-performance tips & the 25-year plan [26:38]
  8. Avoid trial and error and get a mentor [28:48]
  9. Navigating the real estate market at present times [31:43]
  10. Buy the value proposition that’s in line with your strategy [38:04]
  11. The Central Coast market after the Coronavirus [39:43]
  12. Stamp duty and New South Wales property prices [44:12]
  13. Make ‘true money’ by looking long-term [46:04]
  14. Take the opportunity when you see it [50:12]

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About Our Guest:

Darin Butcher is from Wiseberry Heritage, a real estate agency on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia. He is a sought-after real estate professional in the country as well as an entrepreneur, investor, and developer.

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