Podcast Ep35: Fractal Economics: The Fundamental Philosophy of a Professional Investor

Have you ever heard about ‘Fractal Economics’? If not, now’s the perfect time to get started.

Join us as we talk about what it is, how it can hugely benefit property investors, and its contribution to speeding up the window for cash flow and growth. We also cover why debt is actually an asset and other important related insights.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Fractal economics as the universal law for powering portfolio growth [11:10]
  2. Understanding asset allocation [15:38]
  3. Fractals and what they have to do with property investing [20:02]
  4. The distinction between economics and fractal economics [23:12]
  5. Applying fractal economics to become self-similar at scale [24:29] 
  6. Speeding up the ‘time window’ for cash flow growth [31:27] 
  7. Why most people don’t use fractal economics [35:39]
  8. Different factors that contribute to faster growth & success [37:29]
  9. Debt is an asset, but you need a good mindset to manage it well [43:37]
  10. Closing thoughts on fractal economics [47:51]

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