Podcast Ep37: Before the Hotspot: Finding Locations Primed for Growth

What if you could locate a potential hotspot before it becomes one, then ride the curve upward when it does?

Today, we’re marking the start of a series on hotspots – locating them, the pros and cons, and more. We also give a brief insight on the investors’ optimum buying window, what happens when hotspots become ‘too hot’, and the 10 core drivers to assess an area’s potential.

There’s much to learn, so if that sounds exciting, head on over to the episode and tune in! 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. What is a ‘hotspot’ and how can you tell you’re in one? [08:41]
  2. Pros and cons of Investing in a place that’s already a hotspot [11:49]
  3. What happens when hotspots become ‘too hot’ [14:01]
  4. The investors’ optimum buying window [16:21] 
  5. A tale of two cities: Darwin vs. Sydney markets [18:30]
  6. Timing your entry point into the market is crucial for growth & yield [21:53]
  7. A general discussion on finding hotspots [26:29]
  8. An overview of the 10 Core Drivers or categories to locating hotspots [28:53]

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