Podcast Ep38: Creating Global Impact with Michael Lane

What does it take to make a (positive) dent in the world?

Join our chat with Michael Lane from Success Resources where he shares his entrepreneurial journey, incredible insights on investing in businesses & challenging perspectives, and creating a strong vision that can keep you motivated even further down the line.

Aspiring entrepreneur or not, you would greatly benefit from tuning in!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. What is Success Resources and what do they offer? [04:52]
  2. Michael’s decision to buy into the business & his learnings [08:10]
  3. Content marketing efforts in creating a successful business [10:52]
  4. The role failure played throughout his business journey [15:26]
  5. Don’t think that you need to own 100% of ever deal – with good reason [17:24]
  6. As property investors, learn from people doing it on a massive scale [20:57]
  7. Continually challenge your perspectives & get mentors [22:20] 
  8. Harmony, not balance – family life and business [23:46] 
  9. Creating a strong vision that continuously pulls you forward [25:51] 
  10. The mission to create an ROI of happiness as your legacy [29:12]
  11. Should you diversify your asset profile, or stay in your lane? [32:19]
  12. Property investing is a great way to build wealth over time [34:40]
  13. How do you know when it’s the right time to enter another venture? [38:11]
  14. The best advice for an aspiring entrepreneur [40:43]

Links from the show:

Success Resource Australia (https://success-resources.com.au/)

About Our Guest:

Michael Lane is a successful entrepreneur who has built a global business, helping entrepreneurs become successful by learning from successful entrepreneurs talking about success. His company is now the world’s largest seminar provider in the business and entrepreneurship space. 

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