Podcast Ep39: Quarterly Temp Check: WTF Just Happened?

Have you seen the news lately?

It all sounds horrible, with bearish markets, dying economies, the virus… It seems like the world is coming to an end!

But that’s not really the case.

If you find yourself gritting your teeth over the chilling news of increasing unemployment rates or the ‘crashing’ property market, then this episode is made just for you.

Today, we’ll talk about consumer and business confidence indices…

Tiptoeing around stock market volatility…

Busting the myths about the property market predictions…

And heaps more!

We’ll also help you make more informed decisions and how to better take care of yourself financially, spiritually and metaphysically during these times.

Sit back, relax, put your prospecting hats on, and tune in to another jam-packed, engaging episode now!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. What happened in Q2?! [07:52]
  2. The economy and the fiscal cliff [09:21]
  3. Mortgage holiday extensions and unemployment stimulus packages [11:27]
  4. Why consumer and business confidence index levels are going up [14:43]
  5. How Australia managed to maintain the triple-A credit rating [17:42]
  6. Is the unemployment rate really going to skyrocket? [19:16]
  7. Be cautious of the stock market volatility [21:12]
  8. The curious case of Hertz’s Rent-A-Car [22:14]
  9. Property market temp check: Is it actually crashing? [24:15]
  10. Drivers behind the population shift [27:55]
  11. The property market is remaining strong despite speculations [29:11]
  12. Market drivers: low stock, property buoyancy, and the ‘first-time buyer’ scheme [32:57]
  13. The market is exhibiting overt signs of health right now [34:51]
  14. Adapting and surviving in the new normal spiritually and metaphysically [36:26]

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