Podcast Ep40: Online vs Offline Real Estate with Jaryd Krause

Did you know that websites are actually just “digital real estate” and you can invest in them much like you invest in “analog real estate”?

Today, we’re going to give you a crash course on “offline” and “online” real estate.

We’ll discuss and dissect the similarities and differences between them…

how to apply the Holy Trinity principle to a different asset class…

the true definition of success and fulfillment…

and heaps more!

We’ll help you view the digital space from a whole new perspective and give you advice on deciding which one will best offer the business freedom you’re looking for.

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Jaryd’s entrepreneurial journey from travel blogging to selling online businesses [06:25]
  2. Similarities and differences between online and offline real estate [14:35]
  3. Why you should never manage your own offline property [16:31]
  4. The Holy Trinity principle and growth in an online real estate asset [21:16]
  5. The difference in the management style of online and offline real estate [26:40]
  6. Metrics from a yield and cash flow perspective in digital brokerage [28:34]
  7. Manufacturing growth by increasing revenue [31:40]
  8. The disadvantage of buying, holding, and flipping online real estate [34:53]
  9. Financing in buying online businesses [36:26]
  10. Jaryd’s motivation for staying in the online business world [40:11]
  11. Diversification is a great business strategy to reduce risks [43:00]
  12. The definition of ‘success’ and motivation [46:28]
  13. A piece of advice for aspiring online business owners [51:08]

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About Our Guest:

Jaryd is an online business mentor & entrepreneur who helps people buy online businesses and websites and ultimately quit their job so they can have more business freedom. The knowledge and experience that he has gathered over the years are what catapulted him into becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today. He also hosts his own show aptly named the ‘Buying Online Businesses Podcast’.

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