Podcast Ep42: Investing in the USA with Lindsay Stewart

Ever wanted to buy properties which spit out 10% yield….. NET??

Or perhaps wondered how to find opportunity in a market that has flipped upside down?

Or maybe you’ve always wondered about how to invest overseas?

Well, listen up…

Because all the answers you seek are right here. 

Today, you are in for a treat as we talk to Lindsay Stewart, who specialises in helping Aussies to invest in the USA.

We’ll talk about why you might want to invest in the US…

The similarities and differences between the American and Australian markets…

Four core strategies you could use in buying real estate…

And loads more!

We’ll also help you look for the key economic drivers that will help you make better decisions in real estate investing. 

Tune in to another engaging and insightful episode that’s sure to interest all kinds of property investors!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Lindsay’s property investing journey [06:51]
  2. The amazing dichotomy of the city of Detroit [09:48]
  3. The United States has a broad spectrum of property classes [11:21]
  4. Detroit’s Growth Cycle: Their rise and fall over the years [13:17]
  5. Buying real estate using manufactured growth strategies [15:21]
  6. If you can’t get 10% net, you’re in the wrong area [18:39]
  7. Risks involved in investing in recessive markets (versus boom markets) [20:01]
  8. Rental markets in the Midwest areas are strong [21:27]
  9. The BRRR Strategy and other approaches in buying real estate properties [25:27]
  10. Rental yields are dependent on supply and demand, not property costs [31:19]
  11. How can there be so many vacant, non-livable properties in some areas? [32:39]
  12. The state of the U.S. and how it’s affecting property markets [38:59]
  13. How to navigate the U.S. property market as an Aussie [47:12]
  14. Nearly 30% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck [51:12]
  15. Get mentored by Lindsay Stewart in property investment [53:45]
  16. Lindsay’s purpose and success being anchored on choices [54:50]

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About Our Guest:

Lindsay Stewart is the founder and director of Star Dynamic Property Investments, a company that’s dedicated to helping Australians invest properties and get great high cash-flowing investments in the US property market. Starting out as an Import and Vehicle Logistics Manager of GM Holden in Port Melbourne, he has then discovered the vast potential of the property market in the US.

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