Podcast Ep47: Why Ego Metrics Are Killing You (and Your Dreams)

Have you ever found yourself looking at someone else’s “success”, like a big property portfolio or a nice car…

And thought…

“Why haven’t I been able to do that?”

When you compare your accomplishments with other people’s, does it make you feel inadequate or inferior?

Or, do you rely on social ‘likes’ and number of followers to feel good about yourself?

If so, this episode will definitely make an impact.

You see, you have to understand that in order to attain true happiness and success, you have to stop feeding your ego with these metrics…

And realise that if you play the comparison game, you’ll never be content.

Today, we have a meaningful, eye-opening episode that will help you start focusing on what matters…

We talk about the ego metric and why you need to examine it…
Where to seek fulfillment in life…
Why you are the hero of your own story…
And heaps more.

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. What is an ego metric and why does it matter? [08:01]
  2. ‘Better’ is a qualitative piece you need to define [11:14]
  3. Ego metrics are addictive and leads you to chase the wrong goals [15:00]
  4. You won’t know if you’re doing good if you don’t measure [17:48]
  5. How to know if your goal is a healthy goal [20:38]
  6. To know if your goal matters, you need to understand the ‘why’ [22:36]
  7. Why don’t people dig beyond the ego metric? [27:27]
  8. Fulfillment comes from the inside [30:15]
  9. No one else is keeping score of your own life [32:08]
  10. You’re the biggest hero in your own story, not someone else’s [33:45]
  11. People get self-conscious because of their inherent nature for prejudice [35:18]
  12. We’re all running towards something, but no one else is running with us [36:58]
  13. You can become your own champion [38:03]
  14. Time well-spent gives people the most happiness [40:13]
  15. If you play the comparison game, you will never be happy [42:06]
  16. The key to happiness is to know you’re doing your best [44:21]
  17. There’s no force on Earth that’s more damaging than the opinions of others [46:03]

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