49: Urban Renewal & Government Policy | Hunting Hotspots #3

Isn’t it so exciting to be a part of a big shift in a town’s economy?

You see, suburbs and far-flung areas are slowly transforming into robust cities all because of well-planned urban renewals…

And positive changes in the economy are slowly sprawling from town to town.

To be able to ride the curve upward, you need to have access to information that will make your investment journey fulfilling.

Today’s episode is part four of the ‘Hunting Hotspots’ mini-series…

We’ll talk about what makes urban renewal different from the ugly duckling syndrome…
Why decentralisation can foster market and economic growth…
What makes timing so important in property investing…
And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The Ugly Duckling Syndrome vs urban renewal and government policies [07:17]
  2. Government decisions are business plans that drive money to the economy [10:15]
  3. What makes planned gentrification exciting? [14:42]
  4. Why buy property in Armadale? [17:04]
  5. Decentralisation diversifies economic centers and drives market growth [19:17]
  6. Councils sometimes miss their targets, just like businesses don’t hit some goals [22:16]
  7. Plans are useless, but planning is essential [24:35]
  8. Urban renewal is based on livability [26:00]
  9. The greatest gains are in the transition point [30:01]
  10. Timing is critical when making a real estate investment decision [31:20]

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