Podcast Ep50: How to Sack Your Boss with Matthew and Sahara

Have you ever wanted to take control of your life but are stuck, shackled to your job?

If pursuing your passion is being hindered by work (or the temptation of a great salary)…  

You might need to learn how to sack your boss...

And be one step closer to getting the financial success you’ve always dreamed about.

Today, we’re joined by the founders of The Guerrilla Method, Matthew and Sahara, as we talk about the methodology that helped catapult them towards financial freedom…

We’ll talk about what makes persistence and consistency the baseline of success…
The difference between quitting your job and sacking your boss…
What makes wealth a team sport…
And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. The legends that are Matthew and Sahara [04:51]
  2. Matthew’s life and career before investing in real estate [06:40]
  3. Persistence and consistency can get you places [09:25]
  4. Sahara’s humble beginnings & their move into real estate investing [11:58]
  5. The story of how they bought their first real estate property [16:29] 
  6. Renovating their first property & reaping the fruits of their labor [19:26]
  7. The right and wrong ways of managing a real estate business [22:56]
  8. ‘Doing’ is the best learning, mistakes, our greatest teachers [25:23]
  9. Applying their acquired knowledge and getting back on their feet [27:05]
  10. How to sack your boss [32:01]
  11. Wealth is a team sport [36:40]
  12. The four fatal afflictions of humans [39:32]
  13. Action without perspective is bad [41:38]
  14. The end-goal of The Guerrilla Method [44:23]
  15. Their vision of success is a community of smiles [47:22]
  16. Focus on one idea, take action, and believe in yourself [51:26]

About Our Guest:

Matthew & Sahara are the founders of Guerrilla Method Real Estate, where they help real estate investors discover the secrets very few know about optimizing real estate for higher returns, and double – triple – their income with property. They are passionate about helping investors achieve the freedom of wealth through cash flow positive real estate.

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