Podcast Ep52: How to Get 12.9% Growth and 6.24% Yield in 2020

How would you feel about getting a 6.24% yield or more in the midst of a pandemic?

Or what if you got 12.9% growth during the middle of an economic crisis?

Well, we are delighted to share with you just some of the results our clients have achieved over this challenging time. 

With all of the negative news stories, and media misinformation, it’s not hard to get demotivated and give up on your property journey…

But if you look a little more closely, you’ll realise it’s not all bad and that there are actually ways you can invest intelligently, to progress your personal wealth journey, even in times like these. !

So, If you’re someone who wants more time, more freedom, and better returns…

You’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’ll talk about a few of the Top 20 property purchases we made for our clients…
How real estate has transformed people’s lives over the years…
Why you should stop waiting and start taking action…
And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Our top 20 property purchases showing a 6.42% average yield [14:37]
  2. Being one of the real estate industry’s “best-kept secrets” [16:33]
  3. Real estate is not just about buying houses; it’s about transforming lives [18:19]
  4. How client transformations through property growth can transform communities [23:16]
  5. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a property with high yields [26:11]
  6. The people who take action get results (and freedom) [28:07]
  7. Real estate investment allows you to gain at least 50% ROI in less than a year [30:32]
  8. Why you need to listen to this episode [37:49]

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