55: How Not To F**k it Up (with Charley Valher)

Are you confident that you, your business, or your property portfolio will stay afloat if an economic downturn suddenly happens?

What if you realise that the business model or property strategy you’ve invested years on is not really for you?

Sometimes, we get bad advice from different people without really knowing what kind of risks we’ve exposed ourselves to…

And before we know it, we’ve already signed up for the ultimate recipe for disaster!

If you’re someone who wants to understand potential risks and how to mitigate them…

Then listen up and learn how not to crash your business or property vehicle.

This episode marks the third part of our ‘Property and Business’ series with Charley Valher, designed to help answer the question all business owners must face: “What’s next?”

In this episode, we talk about how to choose the right business or property model…

Why you should put more priority in getting the right team…

Different business and property risks…

And loads more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Different business models work for different people [07:49]
  2. Negative-gearing businesses won’t create more time, freedom, and money [11:16]
  3. Property investing may not be designed for business owners [15:00]
  4. Stock Trading is a more active strategy than you think [17:54]
  5. Having the time to commit is a huge factor in choosing the right business model [20:43]
  6. In real estate, it’s crucial to have a team that shares your values [22:29]
  7. Never try doing it yourself – get advice from the right team [26:54]
  8. 90% of property investors don’t achieve their desired financial outcome [32:54]
  9. Why diversification is a good way to reduce risk [36:27]
  10. If you purchase a property, always have 3-months worth of rent as a moat [40:59]
  11. Properties can pay for themselves [47:27]
  12. Never let yourself get into a negative equity position [50:56]
  13. Efficiency plays a great factor in high LVR percentage scenarios [52:12]
  14. Owning a single, debt-free property vs having diversified properties with loan [55:06]
  15. Positive cash flow is the ultimate cure-all for businesses and properties [58:51]
  16. The two biggest mistakes that business owners can make [1:02:39]

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About Our Guest:

Charley Valher is a household name among business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. He is the Founder and CPO of Valher Media, helping entrepreneurs scale their business through the business of podcasting. His expertise has helped launch multiple podcasters into becoming one of the best in their field.

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