59: Property Investing Business Models (pt2) with Charley Valher

Have you ever wondered “what is the right strategy for me?”

Or have you wondered how different property business models might produce different outcomes, and when they should be used?

Or even how long it might take to achieve success?

In this episode we expose the value of strategic thinking and principles based approaches to portfolio building, so you can reach greater levels of success, much faster.

Today, we mark part five of our ‘Property and Business’ series with Charley Valher, designed to help answer the question all business owners must face: “What’s next?”, and get them back on track.

We’ll talk about things you need to consider before going into negative gearing…
Why long-term gratification provides a more rewarding life…
How long it takes to build a successful property portfolio…
And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Don’t purchase a negative gearing property without a surplus income [06:33]
  2. Risk factors involved in using bank loans to finance your property [08:04]
  3. The essence of understanding your business model and how it serves you [15:13]
  4. A ‘blended strategy’ brings back serviceability, not increases it [17:16]
  5. The link between buying back your borrowing capacity and cash flow [20:01]
  6. Real estate investing is a game of finance with a few houses in the middle [23:14]
  7. The 3 phases of a business and property portfolio [25:59]
  8. Getting to your desired business model moves in stages [30:14]
  9. Your first goal shouldn’t be cash flow, but growth that recovers debt [34:16]
  10. How long does it take to build a reasonable property portfolio? [37:30]
  11. Age matters a lot when investing in a business model [43:43]
  12. The best time to start was yesterday [46:07]
  13. Pursuing reasonable, long-term gratification grants a rewarding life [48:31]
  14. Zero to eight-figure cases are possible, but shouldn’t be the new standard [49:04]
  15. Key takeaways on property and business models [51:14]
  16. The unspoken benefit of creating a positive cash flow in your portfolio [54:37]
  17. The riches are in the niches [57:13]
  18. Understand the concepts to play the game well [59:16]
  19. Just because you can make property upgrades, doesn’t mean you should [1:01:53]

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About Our Guest:

Charley Valher is a household name among business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. He is the Founder and CPO of Valher Media, helping entrepreneurs scale their business through the business of podcasting. His expertise has helped launch multiple podcasters into becoming one of the best in their field.

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