Podcast Ep60: How to Buy Back Your Time

How much is your time worth?

Is the time you spend with your family, worth the same as the time you spend mowing the lawn?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to achieve so much more in life, when the reality is, we all have exactly the same amount of time each day?

Do you ever think about “time” the way you think about money?

Time is a finite resource, and  is the most valuable commodity there is, in that we can never take back what’s already passed.

So, we must choose how to spend (and trade) it wisely…

Today’s episode aims to help learn how to buy back your time.

We’ll talk about why there are times you need to delegate your tasks to others for growth…

Why it’s important to have a defined goal and outcome to beat procrastination…

How effective hourly rate affects how you take charge of your time…

And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

In this episode, we cover:

  1. Why would anyone want to buy back their time? [09:54]
  2. You can do anything you want, but it doesn’t always mean you should [14:20]
  3. Time is a finite resource that you have to trade effectively and carefully [18:04]
  4. There is a limit to what and how much you can trade that makes sense [21:30]
  5. Time that you’re spending is time that you’re investing [23:41]
  6. Make sure to set a defined goal and outcome [25:34]
  7. You should spend your time living your life’s purpose [30:23]
  8. Half the battle in life is just working out how you can hack time [33:00]
  9. Always think about what you really want [36:48]
  10. By outsourcing your time, you can give yourself a head start [41:26]
  11. How to calculate your effective hourly rate [43:37]
  12. You can choose to charge a higher hourly rate and have more time for yourself [47:25]
  13. The effect of outsourcing on your effective hourly rate [51:07] 
  14. Is it possible to outsource everything while generating revenue? [54:18]

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