61: The Unfair Advantage Business Owners Have with Cashflow Properties

Ever gotten advice that seemed great at the start but turned out to be bad for business?

Or maybe you’re feeling lost in your property portfolio journey and need a little help to move forward?

Regardless of where you are on your journey, knowing your next move is important…

And understanding the unfair advantage business owners have in terms of cash flow properties can help you plan what happens next.

Today, we lock in on an interesting—and perhaps controversial—topic: why cash flow is never more important than growth.

This episode is part six of our ‘Property and Business’ series with Charley Valher, designed to help answer the question all business owners must face: “What’s next?”, and get them back on track.

We’ll talk about how asset diversification is needed for positive cash flow…

Why you need to prioritise stability over big ticket items…

Whether equity is essential for building a good portfolio or not…

And so much more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 2020—the golden age of “pop” entrepreneurship [06:57]
  2. Change is great if partnered with the right business acumen [09:35]
  3. Why cash flow is more important for business owners [12:24]
  4. How long does it take before the average Australian can buy an investor-worthy property? [16:19]
  5. The only way to break your portfolio is to only chase growth [18:47]
  6. What if your property has zero growth rate? [20:40]
  7. Asset diversification is required to get a balanced portfolio and positive cash flow [23:34]
  8. How to better approach your portfolio in terms of cash flow and growth [25:21] 
  9. The difference between first-time investors and investment giants [30:02]
  10. How does equity affect the overall yield of a portfolio? [33:25]
  11. Positive cash flow properties will eventually pay their own debt [36:41]
  12. Is it better to avoid using equity, or is it essential for building a good portfolio? [39:06]
  13. Any move can be good or bad depending on the circumstances [41:20]
  14. Why you need to build stability rather than just chase after big ticket items [44:35]
  15. How should you prepare to build your portfolio as a business owner? [46:49] 
  16. At what point (with what factors) does a property portfolio become ‘important’? [53:59]
  17. It’s critical to understand when to apply different levers in certain situations [58:09] 
  18. Knowing when to switch focus from your business to your property portfolio (and vice-versa) [1:01:42]
  19. Business and property portfolio are two different asset classes that work well together [1:04:42]
  20. The biggest takeaways in today’s episode [1:07:39]

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About Our Guest:

Charley Valher is a household name among business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. He is the Founder and CPO of Valher Media, helping entrepreneurs scale their business through the business of podcasting. His expertise has helped launch multiple podcasters into becoming one of the best in their field.

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