64: Boom Town Syndrome | Hunting Hotspots #5

Have you ever heard about people investing in properties and getting insane amounts of growth…

Only to have the market flip upside down?

You see, it’s easy to ride the curve upwards when you see it – but much quicker to pour money down the drain when it comes crashing down.

But, if you know how to look for the signs, you’ll be able to get off the roller coaster, walk away unscathed, and become more prosperous than ever before.

This episode is all about the fifth core factor, the “Boom Town Syndrome”, of our ‘Hunting Hotspots’ mini-series, especially made to help you find the next property hotspot wherever you may be.

We’ll talk about what a boom town syndrome is…

The biggest risks in boom town scenarios…

Knowing when to pack up and leave…

And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Large-cap stocks vs small-cap stocks [08:11]
  2. What is the ‘boom town syndrome’? [10:00]
  3. Do regional centers have the boom town syndrome? [13:17]
  4. The biggest risks in boom town scenarios [17:00]
  5. Where people make mistakes when investing in boom town areas [20:29]
  6. Why you need to know when to sell your property [23:05]
  7. Tips on doing well in a boom town scenario [25:33]
  8. Keeping your eyes peeled for when big companies decide to leave [28:09]
  9. Are boom town scenarios necessarily a bad thing? [31:01]
  10. Does Perth show a boom town syndrome? [33:48]
  11. The biggest takeaways from this episode [36:11]

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