69: Leveraging Short and Long Term Strategic Thinking

Did you know that there’s a way for you to get time back into your life AND invest that into something worthwhile?

Whether you invest your time into learning new skills…

Use it to start another business or buy another property…

Or leverage it to take some time away and confront your inner self…

The moment you make a mindset shift, place the right people in your life, and position your short-term strategies to work together with the long-term ones…

That’s the moment that you get yourself on track towards the life that you want in the future!

This episode is part of our ‘Property and Business’ series with Charley Valher, created to help business owners decide on “what’s next” and get them back on track.

Today, we’ll talk about the different forms of leverage…
What you can do to get yourself out of the habit of working in the business…
Why you need to think of both the short game AND the long game…
And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. How technology is continuously revolutionising how we live [05:49]
  2. Leverage vs liability [08:52]
  3. How leverage provides you more business and life opportunities [12:17]
  4. The influence “mindset” has in the way you run your business [15:04]
  5. How Charley overcame the struggle in shifting mindsets [17:14]
  6. The biggest challenge is getting yourself out of the habit of working [19:39]
  7. What happens when you get stuck in “survival mode”? [21:26]
  8. “Fear-setting” is a tool to reframe your mindset [23:39]
  9. Strategic thinking happens when you consciously confront your own thoughts [26:14]
  10. Two books that helped Charley change his perspective on the short & long game of business [29:27]
  11. Two other forms of leverage: time and team [30:36]
  12. Leveraging labor vs information [32:55]
  13. How technological leverage changes the game of business and property [35:12]
  14. The more we embrace leverage, the more money we can make [40:36]
  15. Short and long-term thinking in real estate [43:00]
  16. Short-term focus is common among business owners [48:02]
  17. Why you need to balance short and long-term thinking in property and business [50:10]
  18. The information you consume shapes your perspective of the world [53:10]
  19. Choose your “prophets” wisely [58:31]

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