Podcast Ep70: How This Investor Bought 5 Properties in 5 Years by Focusing on Her “Why” with Olivia Ward

They say the best way to learn anything is by experiencing it yourself; the second, to learn from other people.

On this episode of The Investor Lab podcast, we find out how 29-year-old Olivia Ward managed to buy 5 properties in 5 years by focusing on her “why”.

Olivia and I talk about how she got started in property… 

The mistakes she’s learned along the way… 

And the biggest challenge she’s had to overcome to make things work.

If you’re looking for a sign to kick-off or keep goin’ on your property journey, this may just be it.

Let’s get into the episode, and we’ll see you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Olivia’s investing journey [02:49]
  2. How her newly-found equity transformed her mindset [07:37]
  3. Building her portfolio after the first purchase [09:44]
  4. How can you define if something is under market value? [14:21]
  5. Buying a property with no super or SMSF [16:32]
  6. How she handled serviceability issues with her properties [20:33]
  7. The biggest challenge Olivia has had to overcome on her property journey [23:03]
  8. The most transformative book she’s read that helped her investing decisions [27:36]
  9. Olivia’s best (and favorite) failure [27:59]
  10. Realising her dream and what has been preventing her from taking action on her goal [29:21]
  11. Advice for others who are sitting on the fence of pursuing an investment journey [30:44]
  12. How do you see the property market shaping up in the next 2 years? [32:56]
  13. What to look for in an area that has potential for growth [34:39]
  14. Time is the most valuable resource that we have [35:45]

About Our Guest:

Olivia Ward is a property investor who started her journey 5 years ago at 24 years of age. She now has 5 growing properties in her portfolio.

Connect with Us:

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