71: The Stayers | Hunting Hotspots #6

Are you looking to find an investment location that provides more stable property growth?

Or perhaps, you want to set yourself up for retirement while making short-term investments?

You see, while some areas show great potential and die out after a short while…

There are areas that show consistency when it comes to market growth…

And it’s just waiting for you to tap into it!

Today’s episode is about the sixth element, ‘The Stayers,’ of our “Hunting Hotspots’ mini-series, designed to help you build the property portfolio that will set you up for the life that you desire.

We’ll talk about what makes ‘The Stayers’ a good hotspot…

When the perfect time is to add this to your portfolio…

What the downsides are to this strategy…

And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Why “The Stayers” is also considered a hotspot [07:33]
  2. Volatility is totally uncharacteristic of a “Stayer” hotspot [10:44]
  3. Defining a “Stayer” suburb and what it looks like by example [11:51]
  4. Why anyone would want to invest in “Stayer” areas [16:14]
  5. The downsides in purchasing properties in “The Stayer” hotspots [17:55]
  6. Who is this strategy suitable for? [20:36]
  7. The biggest myth around “The Stayers” hotspots [22:03]
  8. When is the right time to add a “Stayer” property to your portfolio? [25:20]
  9. What makes this a valuable addition to a portfolio [27:24]
  10. Is this strategy better for people looking to set themselves up for retirement? [32:01]

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