74: How This Butcher Overcame Challenges to Become an International Investor with Andre Weller

Property journeys are different for everyone. 

Some get to the end-goal in a few months. For others, it may take years. But what matters is that we don’t stop until we get there.

In today’s episode of The Investor Lab podcast, investor Andre Weller shares his inspiring story of how he went through the ups and downs of his property journey at the young age of 21.

Andre and I talk about why he chose to invest in the US…

The hurdles he had to overcome in property investing…

And what his next move is.

If you feel like your property journey is going through some speed bumps, then hop in and tune in to this episode.

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. A sneak peek into Andre’s life [02:59]
  2. What inspired him to get into property investing? [06:17]
  3. Starting his first real estate investment at the age of 21 [08:49]
  4. His property journey after his first investment [11:09]
  5. Why he started property investing in the US [14:49]
  6. Andre’s strategy, goal, and lessons learned in property investing [16:17]
  7. Learning more about property investing through podcasts [19:59]
  8. The biggest challenge that he had to overcome [21:18] 
  9. What he would’ve done differently in his property journey [22:49]
  10. His next move in property investing [23:26]  
  11. His advice to other budding investors [25:29]
  12. Andre’s reserves on life and property [26:36] 
  13. Living the minimum viable life to achieve his financial independence number [28:29]
  14. What he’s doing to encourage his siblings to go into real estate [29:37]
  15. Discussing property investing among his circle of friends [31:07]

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About Our Guest:

Starting out on his real estate journey at the age of 21, Andre Weller was able to provide a comfortable life for his family. Despite being kicked out of his home at 17, he never stopped trying to make a better life and got a job as a butcher. Wanting to achieve financial independence, he decided to live a frugal life and bought his very first home in the US. Now, he’s interested in starting his property journey in Adelaide, Australia.

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