75: Education and Medical Infrastructure | Hunting Hotspots #7

Can you imagine a growing city without a hospital? Or an urbanised area without schools?

With these types of infrastructure, there’s always a flock of interstate migrants and immigrants who come to live, work, recuperate, and study…

And as they get drawn to cities and suburbs with access to healthcare and education, housing demand dramatically rises with it!

Today marks the 7th episode—the seventh core driver—in our ‘Hunting Hotspots’ mini-series, helping property investors locate the next ‘hot thing’ that’ll take their property portfolio to the next level.

We’ll talk about the impact this infrastructure may have on the local community…

What types of properties do well near these infrastructures…

The possible effects of online learning on the economy…

And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. What are “education and medical infrastructure” hotspots? [08:13]
  2. The socio-economic impact of schools and universities [11:13]
  3. Housing property types that do well near education and medical catchments [15:48]
  4. What makes this hotspot a strong psychographic driver for economic growth? [18:34]
  5. The effect of educational infrastructures on the community [20:25]
  6. Why Adelaide and Brimbank’s economic performances are strong [22:54]
  7. What happens to the economy when property hotspots work together [25:07]
  8. The essence of combining other factors aside from these types of infrastructures [27:45]
  9. Possible pay-offs of digital learning on the local economy [29:04]

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