76: The Major Trends Shaping Australian Real Estate with Terry Ryder

What if you could pinpoint the best locations to invest, now, and in the future?

You see, it’s always better to have foresight than react to something as it’s happening. 

Given everything that’s gone down in 2020, wouldn’t you want to have an idea of how the next year’s going to be and come better prepared…

And have an overview of how regional and key cities will perform property-wise? 

Today, property expert, Terry Ryder, joins us once again to share his insights on the major trends that are gradually shaping the future of Australian real estate.  

We’ll talk about how key regional areas are outperforming capital cities…

How the exodus to affordable lifestyle was well underway even before the pandemic…

The drop of vacancy rates in regional hotspots…

And heaps more! 

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. A short background on Terry Ryder [02:07]
  2. Regions outperform capital city markets [04:27]
  3. How to accurately compare the regional and capital city trends [06:29]
  4. The exodus to affordable lifestyle for definable reasons [12:35]
  5. Did COVID play a major role in the migration trend? [13:47]
  6. The current situation in major cities during the exodus [15:05]
  7. The vacancy rate drop in regional Australia [18:19]
  8. Three reasons behind the housing shortage across the country [21:28]
  9. Infrastructure drives up the demand for residential real estate [24:30] 
  10. A national property boom in Australia is on the rise [27:27]
  11. The Holy Trinity: Location, yield, and value-adding strategy [30:30]
  12. Situate at the center and avoid fringe locations [33:38]
  13. Positioning yourself in hotspots before they become hotspots [34:58]
  14. Assessing the risks of volatile suburbs [38:29]
  15. The impact of infrastructure budget on property management [43:09]
  16. Lending laws & other factors that are affecting the property market [46:18]
  17. Strategically position yourself as an agent [48:20]
  18. Terry’s view on what 2021 brings for property [49:07]

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About Our Guest:

Terry Ryder is the director and founder of Hotspotting.com.au, helping Aussies achieve the “Great Australian Dream” by providing quality research on real estate properties. Previously the editor at The Courier-Mail and currently a regular real estate columnist for The Australian, he has extensive knowledge on the real estate market and its behavior over the past few years. He has authored four real estate books and has ultimately become a household name for property investors.

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