Buying Property in the Current Market

170: Top Things You Need To Know About Building Inspections with Elias Oostveen

In today’s episode, Elias Oostveen joins us to prove that building inspectors do more than just spreading doom and gloom. The CEO and Founder of Home Integrity shares the importance of dealing with maintenance issues, the risks and opportunities investing entails, and what exactly a building inspector does.

169: What the QLD Land Tax Changes Mean For YOU | Jeremy Iannuzzelli, Property Tax Expert

In today’s episode, Jeremy Iannuzzelli joins us to discuss Queensland’s land tax and interstate property changes. Find out what these calculations actually are and how they will impact property investors! We also debunk some of the speculation surrounding it and reveal to you how you can navigate these changes without breaking the bank.

168: What Happens If I Buy a Property And The Market Crashes? Q&A with Goose & Gabi

In today’s episode, Goose and Gabi address some of the questions that may have been troubling you about the future of the property market. They also discuss the current consumer sentiment and how it dictates prices as well as finding the right timing when buying property.

158: Buying Property in the Current Market with Tim Keating

Tim Keating, Dashdot’s Head of Property Team, joins us as we shed light on the truth about what’s really happening in the current property market.

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