Charley Valher

84: How to Think About the Property Investing Endgame

In this episode of the ‘Property and Business’ series, we’ll discuss the elements that need to be considered in planning out your property investing endgame. We’ll talk about the elements that you need to consider in planning one, the role of debt in planning for your endgame, and more!

73: The Macro Trends Shaping Business and Property

In today’s episode of our ‘Property and Business’ series, we’ll talk about technology and how it’s affecting both property and business, the two key factors in interstate migration, what happens to businesses whose services can’t go virtual, and heaps more.

69: Leveraging Short and Long Term Strategic Thinking

This week’s episode is part of our ‘Property and Business’ series with Charley Valher. We talk about the different forms of leverage, what you can do to get yourself out of the habit of working in the business, why you need to think of both the short game AND the long game, and heaps more.

63: Optimising for Wealth

In this episode, we’ll learn how you can keep the money but not the work as we talk about why you should always think of wealth optimisation in every business stage, how you can still get back on track to wealth optimisation, why hyper-focus is a boon and bane for business owners, and heaps more.

61: The Unfair Advantage Business Owners Have with Cashflow Properties

Today, we lock in on an interesting—and perhaps controversial—topic: why cash flow is never more important than growth. We also cover how asset diversification is needed for positive cash flow, whether equity is essential for building a good portfolio or not, and so much more.

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