Charley Valher

141: Finding the “Efficient Frontier” for Your Property Portfolio

Long-time friend of the show Charley Valher of Valher Media joins us as we tackle the efficient frontier curve, the Modern Portfolio theory, expensive versus cheap property, buying stigmatized units, and identifying gentrifying areas.

140: Is Property Investing Harder Today Than It Was 5 Years Ago?

Long-time friend of the show Charley Valher of Valher Media joins us today for a back-and-forth discussion about property, his new podcast called Asset Blocks, crafting a strategy, risk adjusted returns, and being able to adjust your tactics to fit the situation.

106: How This Couple Bought 8 Properties in 15 Months

Scaling a successful property portfolio quickly seems far-fetched and impossible… but is it? Joining us in today’s episode are Dashdot clients Bianca Kennedy & Charley Valher, as we talk about how they were able to buy 8 properties in just 15 months!

100: Business Owners: The Time Is Now! …Or Is It?

In this episode, we talk about how you can navigate thinking around making decisions for a sustainable business. We answer questions like, “Is now the time to accommodate risk?” and, “Should we spring for the fence without worrying about the other side of it?” and more.

88: Finance & the Duality of Cycles in Business and Property Investing

In this episode of the ‘Property and Business’ series, we dive deep into why preparedness can ultimately make or break your business or property investment. We talk about the time it takes for your business to be stable, the challenges business owners face in getting financing, and heaps more!

84: How to Think About the Property Investing Endgame

In this episode of the ‘Property and Business’ series, we’ll discuss the elements that need to be considered in planning out your property investing endgame. We’ll talk about the elements that you need to consider in planning one, the role of debt in planning for your endgame, and more!

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