Humans of Dashdot

153: What Impact Does the Election Have on Property Markets?

In this episode, we’re getting rid of the doubts and myths surrounding the recent polls, its effects on the property market that are keeping investors on the edge of their seats, and some interesting topics on property investing.

152: Humans of Dashdot: Staying True to Yourself, and Taking Calculated Risks w/ Julien Mougenot

In this latest installment of the Humans of Dashdot series, we’re getting to know Julie Mougenot, Dashdot’s head of data and technology, and learn about his career journey from being a Chemical Engineering graduate to becoming a successful entrepreneur and property investor.

148: What To Do If You Buy The “Wrong” Property, Plus Q&A | with Vanessa Newton

We got your burning questions, and it’s going to be a fun time answering them! Vanessa Newton of Dashdot joins me once again as we touch on these great topics and so much more!

147: Humans of Dashdot: Unlocking Unlimited Potential Through Property with Sean Simpson

In this latest installment of the Humans of Dashdot series, we’re digging into Sean Simpson’s story – Sean is a senior property analyst here at Dashdot and we’re talking about how he started his property journey at age 17, how he found success, and what his current goals are.

145: Property Investing Success Secrets with Jeremy Iannuzzelli

What does it take to be a successful property investor? Jeremy Iannuzzelli from Keshab Chartered accountants is here to share his amazing story in business and property investing, his secrets behind bulding a scalable property portfolio, his views on success, and many other golden insights.

143: Humans Of Dashdot: Creating a Transformational Life with Nicky and Natalie

Nicky Glover and Natalie Armstrong from Dashdot join us in today’s episode as we talk about their life and real estate journeys, and all things transformative – their views on success, habits for life improvement, the power of manifestation, and loads more!

131: Humans of Dashdot: Lessons in Building a Successful Portfolio as a Millennial with Jason D’Silva

Jason D’Silva, Client Success Team Leader at Dashdot (and millennial investor at that), shares the ups and downs of his property journey, how he has evolved and is now on the path to success, the habits that formed to help him reach his goals and so much more!

127: Humans of Dashdot: Creating Freedom, Choice and Abundance with Tim Keating

Today, we chat with someone achieving these three things. Meet Tim, one of our team members, in another instalment of our ‘Humans of Dashdot’ series. We talk about his role, his background as a professional athlete, his success in business, his mindset, values, and how he came to work with Dashdot.

121: Humans of Dashdot: Turning a Passion for Property into a Fulfilling Career with Lana Grayson

If you had a way to turn your passion into something that fulfills you everyday, wouldn’t you want to do just that? Meet Lana Grayson, one of our Property Acquisition Managers at Dashdot.We chat about how she started her property journey, when she realized she wanted a career in property, and how she turned her passion into a fulfilling career.

119: Humans of Dashdot: Living a Life of Purpose with Nic Denshire

In today’s episode, we chat with Nic Denshire, one of Dashdot’s Property Acquisition Managers on his property journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way. We talk about how we got started, how he found Dashdot as a client and eventually worked with the team to help others, and the beliefs that have shaped who he is today.

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