167: How To Tackle Rising Interest Rates In Your Portfolio

In today’s episode, Gabi and Goose discuss the best approaches to managing the interest hikes in your portfolio. From rent increases to renovation, we explore some tactics that can help improve your cash flow in the long run!

166: What is the REAL Cost of Inflation?

In today’s episode, Gabi is joining me to look into real interest rates and real cost of capital. We also discuss the practicality of deploying capital in this economic climate and how you can lessen your paranoia by making more financially sound choices and adopting a healthy, positive mindset.

161: Will Interest Rates Continue to Rise? with Charley and Grant

Friends of the channel, Charley Valher and Grant Merriel, join us as we have an awesome talk about rising interest rates, building wealth when interest rates are high, forecasting interest rates, and more!

113: Should You Be Worried About Inflation?

In this episode, we talked about what inflation is and how it affects our lives. We addressed the negative perception of inflation and whether or not it is justified. Lastly, we looked into how inflation should be viewed from the perspective of investors. People fear what they don’t understand, they say. So let’s have a deeper understanding of inflation.

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