Property & Business Series

183: From Gym Owner to Property Investor with Brad Bedford

In today’s episode, we are joined by someone who has worn many hats, former gym owner turned business coach and now a property investor, Brad Bedford. We discuss the challenges he’s encountered along the way, what his growth means to his friends and family, and how mindset can truly alter your chances of success.

182: Best of the Investor Lab 2022

In this episode of The Investor Lab, we are taking a stroll down memory lane and revisit our Top 10 Best Episodes from “Should I Pay Down My Debt?” to “Is Now A Good Time To Buy an Investment Property” – we’ve got you covered! 

181: How To Rewire Your Brain For Happiness w/ Michael Bartura

In today’s episode, we are joined by Michael Bartura, Melbourne’s leading happiness coach for stressed leaders and anxious business people. We discuss positive neuroplasticity, which is an interesting hack to rewire your brain and achieve happiness. We also talk about how you can use positive neuroplasticity to control your world – however “negative” it may be!

180: How To Use Tax To Your Advantage With Negative Cashflow Properties

In today’s episode, we are joined again by our resident tax expert Jeremy Iannuzzelli to discuss the best approach to navigate this current economic climate. We talk about negative gearing, negative cashflow tax deductions, how you can take advantage of the circumstances, and more!

179: Your Beliefs Become Your Reality

In today’s episode, Goose and Gabi talk about why becoming the best version of yourself can create the success you desire. How can you alter your reality with your mindset? How do you surrender control from negative realities? We discuss this and more!

178: Coaching Investors To Freedom, Choice, and Abundance with Olivia Ward

In today’s episode, we are back with Olivia Ward, who is now a property investing coach and has been helping many investors fulfill their goals, wherever they may be on their journey to building wealth and financial freedom.

177: Do You Need A Property Portfolio Growth Plan?

In today’s episode, we are joined by the Head of Client Success Jason D’Silva to talk about why you need to build your property portfolio growth plan. Find out how his other clients have found success in their investment journey through the property portfolio growth plan–and how you can use this tool to maximize your investment returns!

176: Property Finance Strategies For High Interest Rate Environments

In today’s episode, we are joined again by Chris Raymond of Unconditional Finance to discuss property finance strategies in high interest rate environments. We weigh on some of the most common concerns at the moment, such as how interest rate rises are affecting people’s borrowing capacity, how to get bank approval, and more!

175: Investor Stories: Why 5 Properties in 5 Years is the Goal for this Investor Couple

In today’s episode, we are joined by Dan and Jean Ross who are almost halfway through their goal of five properties in five years! Find out how this investor couple started their path to building wealth by getting rid of their apprehensions and taking that first step. Dan and Jean also talk about how they deal with the current economic climate and the importance of perspective.

174: Investor Stories: How a lower priced property has set this investor up for success with Iain Shearer

In today’s episode, we are joined by Iain Shearer to talk about how he used a lower priced property as a stepping stone in his investment journey. The successful property investor was able to maximize the potential of his property portfolio by taking the leap, from his business ventures in Indonesia to real estate in Australia.

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