Property Investing Secrets

173: How these investors are thinking and acting whilst buying property in the current market

In today’s episode, we are joined by property investors who are actually buying properties in the current market right now in an exciting panel discussion. These insightful investors are in different stages of their property purchasing journey and are thrilled to be sharing their long-term outlook, investment strategies, market perspectives, and more!

172: Turning Risk into Reward with Josh Meli

In today’s episode, Josh Meli reveals to us his secret to turning risk into reward. At only 22 years old, Josh is already onto his second investment purchase–a HUGE turning point for the young property investor. Find out how Josh is able to use his ambition as his driving force and turn his dreams into reality!

171: How This Investor Became a Millionaire by 31 (and now helps others do the same!) with Ali Rolleston

In today’s episode, Ali Rolleston joins us to talk about her journey to becoming a millionaire by 31! This inspiring young property investor shares what got her into the world of real estate and how much of an influence her family is to her well-deserved success. Now, Ali is giving back by helping others earn their first million as well!

145: Property Investing Success Secrets with Jeremy Iannuzzelli

What does it take to be a successful property investor? Jeremy Iannuzzelli from Keshab Chartered accountants is here to share his amazing story in business and property investing, his secrets behind bulding a scalable property portfolio, his views on success, and many other golden insights.

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