Property Portfolio

177: Do You Need A Property Portfolio Growth Plan?

In today’s episode, we are joined by the Head of Client Success Jason D’Silva to talk about why you need to build your property portfolio growth plan. Find out how his other clients have found success in their investment journey through the property portfolio growth plan–and how you can use this tool to maximize your investment returns!

124: Debt to Income Clampdown: What Does This Mean for You?

Let’s dig into what’s happening with the debt to income ratio, proposed policy changes, what that means for investors, who will be most affected and why, how investors can continue to succeed and successfully navigate these changes and more!

116: How to Know When to Buy Your Next Investment Property

Today, we tackle how to know when to go again, which is more important between cadence and speed of acquisition, how to build the right habits and implement the right tools, tricks, and tips, and how to get to your destination as fast as possible, as happy as possible, in the best possible way. Tune in now!

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