Risk management

139: Property Investment Finance in 2022: What You Need to Know

Chris Raymond of Unconditional Finance takes us through property investment finance, talks about its current landscape and the changes in the interest rates, hurdle rates, and vendor discount rates. We also discuss how these changes affect investors and how they can navigate through such.

138: Flyin’ Solo: How to Build a Portfolio When You’re Single

Today, we cover how you can navigate investing as a single person and succeed at it! We address what hinders most people from doing what they want in life, leveraging your money, earning more, what the best investment you can ever make is, and more!

136: How This Investor Bought 3 Properties in 11 Months and Made Over 300% ROI

Get inspired by how a property investor managed to create a great portfolio, buy cheaper properties, and generate money from them. We will also walk through the three properties Sandi Kenny got over the past 11 months and everything she learned in her journey!

135: A Kangaroo Through the Roof?! Lessons From a Seasoned Property Investor

Today, we’ll take a peek into the journey of a seasoned property investor, Nick Valois. We look back on his beginnings, challenges he’s faced, where he is now on his journey, and what he learned along the way. I’m sure you’ll learn from his story, too!

134: How to Price Risk in Your Property Portfolio

Join us as we talk about the factors to look into before buying properties or any type of assets. We also discuss the financial and emotional implications of investing, the costs of purchasing a property, how to think about portfolio strategy and asset allocation, and a whole lot more!

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