Our Resources

Check out our collection of FREE content and templates for the discerning property investor!

Our Resources

Check out our collection of FREE content and templates for the discerning property investor!



Imagine if you had a tool, a secret weapon, that could tell you exactly whether or not you should buy a property.

How would that change your investment journey?

In this insanely powerful Google sheets template, you’ll unlock the practical skills to know:

  • Whether the property you’re considering purchasing actually meets your needs
  • How much cash you’ll require to make the purchase
  • What criteria you’ll need to hit to meet your cashflow goals
  • Visualise your cashflow changes and potential equity growth in live graphs
  • When you could complete a renovation, subdivision or other value-add, and how it would affect the bigger picture

If you’ve ever wanted all of your mess of property spreadsheets together in one place (and in a way that actually makes sense) then this is only template you’ll need.

how to identify real estate hotspots

How to Identify Real Estate Hotspots

The Investor Lab is proud to have partnered with Terry Ryder, founder of hotspotting.com.au, to produce this highly useful resource for hotspot identification for you.

property investing

Special Report: Property Investing in Economic Downturns

A concise report based on experience and facts, answering questions on property investment that are relevant to the current economic situations:

  • How will unemployment affect my property?
  • Are we going to see hyperinflation?
  • Are property prices going to crash?
  • What about Quantitative Easing?
  • What is the most “recession proof” investment?

If you've wondered about any of these since COVID-19 made its impact on a global scale, then this resource is a MUST-READ!

10 tips

10 Tips to Combat Uncertainty and Overwhelm

Powerful and highly-effective tips to help you get back in control of your life and your environment.
Need something to get you back on track to winning at life? Then this guide is for you!

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