Podcast Ep01: The Wealth Mindset

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Welcome to the very first episode of The Investor Lab brought to you by Gabi and Goose at Dashdot. We’re a buyer’s agency helping people invest in real estate and find wealth in property. Our core values centre around honesty, transparency, and integrity – and we are committed to ensuring your best interests are put first. But here’s the thing, this podcast is about more than real estate investing. This is the auditory epicentre for passionate people looking to create a life of freedom, choice and abundance.

Today we’re talking all things Wealth Mindset: how to shift from an anxious and scarcity-based existence into a state of abundance and opportunity. There is so much talk these days about “manifestation” and this idea of simply thinking of what you most desire, and it will appear. We’re calling you out on this and bringing you back down to earth. It’s all well and good to have big dreams, but what are you doing to achieve them? You can’t just think about it and eventually it will drop in your lap. You need to set realistic goals, put in consistent action and have the right mindset to really achieve anything. It’s no different to thinking you can run a marathon without any training. That’s crazy talk.

We’re so excited to share our knowledge and resources with you and to give you the insights you need to start your own property journey.

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