Podcast Ep08: Trust: How To Know Who To Believe

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Who among us can truthfully say they haven’t been sold a lemon? Whether it is a car, a skincare range from that talkative exotic mall worker, or an inflated bid for your first property. We are all of us fallible and this is known to those less-than-reputable folk who seek to exploit it to their own benefit. In the world of real estate, they can take many forms and distinguishing those that are trustworthy from those that aren’t can be very difficult (from novice to expert). This scepticism breeds inactivity for fear of making a mistake or being taken for a ride.

But don’t fret, The Investor Lab is here to add weapons to your arsenal to detect false prophets and cull your business circle to those who hold your best interests at heart. Learn from the mistakes of others, trust your instincts, invest in yourself via education, surround yourself with trusted advisors, and don’t lose faith in humanity. Leverage the experience of others to safely navigate the minefield that is real estate information repositories and strengthen your portfolio and investing strategy today.

Key Points:

  • Lack of integrity and how it is triggering
  • Beware of spruikers: unwitting clients are their targets
  • The origin of Dashdot Buyer’s Agency
  • Deciphering truth from fact
  • Trust your instincts and be aware of hidden agendas
  • Failure is temporary and hindsight is 20:20
  • Abundance defeats scarcity
  • Never lose faith in the human condition: innocent until proven guilty


End Quotes:

“I want everyone in the world to be my best friend because I want love in this world”

– Goose

“Nothing is ever free – you either pay for it now or pay for it down the line”

– Gabi

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