203:  How To Manage Risk And Assess Performance In Your Property Portfolio w/ Nic Denshire | #203

Interested in managing risk and assessing performance in real estate investment? 

Tune in to this week’s podcast with Nic Denshire, one of the OGs of the Dashdot team. With about $90 million worth of transactions under his belt, Nic has some fascinating insights to share, including topics like return on equity and yield on debt.

If you’re looking for practical advice on real estate investment, this podcast is for you. It’s not just for the experts; it’s for anyone who wants to improve their investment decision-making skills. Listen to Nic’s tips and insights, and take the first step towards making smarter investment decisions in real estate.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 07:08 Make money in real estate by intensifying
  3. 10:46 Why most property investors don’t make it past the first one
  4. 14:29 Importance of having a buffer in your portfolio
  5. 18:10 What other things can you learn?
  6. 20:37 The 1% rule in the US.
  7. 27:33 Yield on equity is an overlooked metric.
  8. 31:06 What is the 2% rule?
  9. 34:36 The most important thing for building a portfolio

About Our Guest

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Nic Denshire has become an expert in assessing property investment opportunities and mitigating risk. He is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom through property investment and has shared his knowledge and insights on various platforms. 

Nic is a firm believer in the power of property to create long-term wealth and is dedicated to educating and supporting others on their property investment journey.

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