217: From Stock and Crypto Failures to Property Investing Success w/ Ben Pickard | #217

If you’ve ever daydreamed about living it up in Dubai and zipping around on a jetski every day while your investments do the heavy lifting, you’re in for a treat.

Picture this: Ben Pickard, a young software developer living in Melbourne’s sunny southeast suburbs, dishing out his journey from a curious newbie to a savvy investor extraordinaire. 

Ever wondered what sparks that investment bug? Ben spills the beans on his young-gun mindset, fueled by a quest for extra cash and some crypto intrigue. But let’s be real, we’ve all had those moments where we wondered if we’re just throwing darts at a board, right? Well, Ben’s been there too, dancing with shares and crypto until he found his groove.

And oh boy, the crypto adventure! Buckle up as he shares how he jumped into the wild world of crypto, rode the ups and downs, and even pulled a “do-I-stay-or-do-I-go” move. The tale of a 24-year-old riding high on a 109% return in just 22 months? You heard that right!

Now, here’s the twist – how does a young gun decide to team up with a real estate company?  While others were sweating it out on their own, Ben had a plan. And guess what? He’s got family and friends cheering him on, and a fresh perspective on why our good ol’ education system might need a revamp.

But wait, there’s more! Ever thought of using your property as a launchpad for financial feats? Ben shares his cunning strategy of turning an appreciating asset into a depreciating one – and trust us, it’s all part of the master plan.

Oh, and let’s not forget the real game-changer – mapping out the perfect week! Ben unravels the secrets of setting the right wake-up call and dishes out the ultimate lifestyle design tips.

So, my curious comrades, if you’ve ever pondered over diving into the property pool in your mid-20s, hit that play button and get ready to soak up some wisdom. Ben’s here to steer you through the highs, the hacks, and everything in between. 

Ready to unleash your inner investor? Tune in and get ready to chart your own course to success! 

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See you on the inside! 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 01:35 Unveiling My Money-Making Hustle 
  3. 04:01 What Propelled Me to Keep Going! 
  4. 07:12 My Journey into the World of Cryptocurrencies 
  5. 12:24 Why I Chose to Team Up with an Agent 
  6. 15:01 Insights into My Investment Journey 
  7. 17:46 My Bold Move and the Logic Behind It 
  8. 23:05 Motivation Overhaul 
  9. 24:50 The Crucial Art of Goal Setting 
  10. 27:31 Crafting the Perfect Week for Success

About Ben

Meet Ben Pickard, a 24-year-old Software Developer from Melbourne and a close mate of Jason’s from their days at Telstra. Ben’s investment journey is a mix of crypto ventures, speculative shares, and his game-changing partnership with Dashdot.

His Dashdot success story began in Bunbury, where his maiden property skyrocketed from a 6.8% to an impressive 8.1% yield. A savvy trickster, Ben cleverly increased his property’s rent by $40 a week, defying norms.

Not one to hesitate, Ben even leveraged his Dashdot equity to buy a car within a year of his first property purchase. This sparks a lively debate on achieving goals while enjoying life.

Eager for more, Ben’s on the hunt for a second purchase, fueled by his property’s remarkable growth.

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