220: The Property Cash Flow Game: Explained | #220

This episode delves deep into financial transformation, productivity, and the art of making intelligent financial decisions. Our special guests, Terry and Ryan from Cashflow.co, will guide this enlightening exploration, and the wisdom they share applies to anyone, regardless of where they stand on their financial path.

Prepare to uncover the inconvenient truths about our financial system and the pivotal role debt plays within it. Gain a new perspective on why debt isn’t always the villain and how mastering it can lead to financial triumph.

We’ll journey through the intricate psychology of debt and the mechanics of our monetary system. You’ll better understand how inflation and debt can work in your favor and why strategically embracing debt can be a game-changer for your financial future.

But that’s not all! Join us as we delve into the transformative power of exponential technologies and their impact on the job market. We’ll share insights from visionary thinkers like Marc Andreessen and Peter Diamandis, who shed light on how AI and innovation reshape the financial landscape.

Unlock the secrets to personal transformation, including the role of identity shifts in achieving financial success. Discover how embracing discomfort, making unwavering commitments, and having a crystal-clear future vision can propel you toward your financial aspirations.

You’ll also learn the profound significance of gratitude, the art of differentiating money from life, and how to make life meaningful through your financial choices. We’ll inspire you to create your future memories and manifest your latent capabilities.

Prepare to break down the barriers holding you back from financial transformation and embark on a journey to empower you to unleash your full potential. This incredible conversation is set to redefine your perception of money, wealth, and financial freedom.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 04:52 Understanding the monetary system and debt. 
  3. 09:17 Money supply vs. monetary inflation. 
  4. 12:30 The difference between inflation and the cost of debt. 
  5. 16:49 How to think about money. 
  6. 22:08 Money is the one commodity on earth you can always get more of. 
  7. 25:40 How a strong vision shapes your identity. 
  8. 30:07 How do you get from here to there? 
  9. 33:42 Optimizing your human experience. 
  10. 37:59 What is the big domino for you? 
  11. 43:08 How to manufacture the courage to bounce back. 
  12. 48:08 The internal scorecard vs. the external scorecard. 
  13. 52:52 Time over money experiences over things. 
  14. 56:39 Feeling the outcome and the outcome. 
  15. 1:00:37 The one thing you should never take out of your program. 
  16. 1:06:10 You need to be prepared to die to change.

About Our Guests

Cashflow.co, an online financial education and coaching business based on Victoria’s surf coast, was founded in January 2019 by Ryan Monaghan and Terry Condon. Their mission? To revolutionize the way people handle money and make personal finance exciting.

Ryan is passionate about witnessing individuals achieve what they once thought impossible. His journey began with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, followed by a master’s degree in financial planning, accomplished by age 25. After spending five years in finance, he identified a significant gap between financial knowledge and action. This realization led him to partner with Terry to create Cashflow.co, bridging the divide and helping people make transformative life decisions.

Terry’s primary goal is to infuse meaning into money. With his talent for simplifying complex concepts and reframing topics to instill belief and commitment, he draws on his experiences from two domains. His background as a performance coach in elite sports allowed him to witness how lofty dreams could translate into concrete plans and impactful habits. Subsequently, working in management consulting after earning his MBA equipped him with the skills to make knowledge valuable through tailored adult learning programs.

In 2019, Terry joined forces with co-founder Ryan Monaghan, combining their unique talents to create a groundbreaking financial education platform tailored for young professionals.

Ryan and Terry share a passion for personal finance, having experienced firsthand how mastering money management can enhance one’s quality of life. They were motivated to address the frustrations stemming from a financial planning industry that often excluded their generation and rigid personal finance advice that prioritized saving over smart money utilization.

Their solution? Utilizing insights from positive psychology, behavioral science, and game design, they developed a unique methodology that has empowered hundreds of Australians nationwide to maximize their return on life through better financial decisions. Their chart-topping podcast, “The Passive Income Project,” boasts a 4.7 rating from over 100 reviews and has garnered over 250,000 downloads.

Connect with Cashflow.co:

  • Website: www.cashflowco.com.au  
  • Podcast: Passive Income Project: https://open.spotify.com/show/4fh8xSyibogGPOgwswvIUa

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