227: The 5 Key Factors Our Analytics Team Use To Analyse Properties | #227

Grab a chair, pop in those earbuds, and get ready to find real estate gems by mastering property analysis!

Mind you, this will feel like detective work. 

Property analysts are like secret agents sifting through properties, considering all the details, and looking for clues as to what could drive growth. Is it the neighbourhood? The vibe? The future? Good analysts always know. 

Our guest, a property enthusiast, started her journey alongside her real estate agent mum, eventually diving into property analysis. She’s now one of our financial superheroes, saving the day and always finding the top 1% of properties.

So, if you’re unsure about property investing, take this podcast as your pass to a thrilling adventure.

Hit play and dive into the world of property analysis. 🏡🚀

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See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 06:40 Unlocking Real Estate Analysis Through Collaboration 
  3. 12:25 Comparing Team vs Solo Property Investment
  4. 15:18 Overcoming Analysis Paralysis in Real Estate 
  5. 22:32 Innovative Tech for Property Investment Forecasting
  6. 26:13 Exploring Nuances in Real Estate Investing 
  7. 30:04 Assessing Risk in Real Estate Investment
  8. 33:41 Property Investment Insights in Western Australia
  9. 37:42 Discovering the Advantages of Property Investing

About Our Guest

Tamara Willcocks is a dedicated Property Acquisition Analyst at Dashdot, specializing in the strategic assessment of real estate assets. With a keen eye for property market trends and investment opportunities, Tamara plays a crucial role in identifying and evaluating potential acquisitions to drive success for Dashdot’s clients.

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