246: The Biggest Mistake In Property Investing That Can Set You Back Decades | #246

Property investing is all about numbers.

And we’re not just talking about how much you’re earning – it’s also about your capital, deposit, cash flow, expenses, and so much more.

In this episode of Dashdot Insider, Emil and Andy discuss the importance of understanding property investment beyond the basics.

The hosts also discuss the benefits of renting where you live and investing where it makes sense financially. They stress the importance of planning and understanding the constraints that may affect your property portfolio.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 01:59 Pitfalls to Avoid in Property Investing
  3. 07:33 Navigating Real Estate Investment in Brisbane, Australia
  4. 11:01 Exploring Strategies and Growth Potential in Real Estate Investment
  5. 19:14 Maximising Property Investment Strategies and Borrowing Capacity
  6. 23:46 Choosing Between a Principal Residence and Investment Properties
  7. 30:34 Unlocking Better Returns Through Real Estate Investment
  8. 34:42 Strategies to Succeed in Property Investing and Avoiding Common Pitfalls
  9. 39:30 Effective Management of Constraints in Real Estate Investment
  10. 44:51 Planning Your Property Portfolio and Overcoming Constraints
  11. 48:31 Transforming a Portfolio for Positive Cash Flow Through Restructuring and Planning
  12. 56:07 Navigating Real Estate Investment Strategies and Overcoming Constraints

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