65: How to Predict the Property Market with John Lindeman

What would change about the way you invest, if you had a 90% chance that you’d get it right?

What if predicting property market growth is actually easier than you think?

You see, just like how expert traders are able to analyse short and long-term market trends through the use of data analytics…

We can also do the same thing for the property market!

Turns out you can ACTUALLY figure out where the next hotspot will be in the next 12 months!

Today, one of Australia’s top property market analysts, John Lindeman, shares with us the secret to how you can predict property trends at high precision.

We’ll talk about the two indicators in the housing market predictability…
Why interstate migration is more important than international migration…
The impact of infrastructure on property growth…
And heaps more!

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. John’s quest into property investing [04:30]
  2. 70% of people buy property to live in as a home [08:43]
  3. Two indicators in the housing market predictability [10:36]
  4. What is the Housing Market Prediction Solution and what makes it different? [12:52]
  5. Growth drivers that make the property market predictable [15:33]
  6. Is interstate migration more important than population growth holistically? [18:18]
  7. Taking future supply risk into consideration [20:02]
  8. The impact of the cost of finance in the property market predictability [21:23]
  9. Three ways to understand psychographic and demographic drivers [22:55]
  10. Why is infrastructure one of the top property growth drivers? [25:09]
  11. Will there be a shift in education due to a lack of foreign students? [29:35]
  12. The direction of the property market in the next 12 months [31:08]
  13. Property market stability in the CBD [33:03]
  14. Where are the next property hotspots in Australia? [34:36]
  15. John’s preferred property investment strategy [38:58]
  16. What John wants to be remembered for [41:33]

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About Our Guest:

John Lindeman is CEO of Property Power Partners and widely respected as one of Australia’s leading property market analysts. With over fifteen years of experience researching the nature and dynamics of the housing market at major data analysts, John is renowned as the go-to property market researcher for Australian housing market insights. He is also the author of the landmark best-selling books for property investors, Mastering the Australian Housing Market, and Unlocking the Property Market.

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