186: Why You Shouldn’t Invest In The Latest Hotspot with Sean Simpson

Today’s episode is all about Why You Shouldn’t Invest In The Latest Hotspot.

Sean Simpson, the Senior Property Analyst at Dashdot shares his knowledge and experience investing when it comes to the latest hotspots in the property market.

Why shouldn’t you invest in the latest hotspots? When should you invest? What are the comparisons of property market value?   – we cover these and more!

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In this episode, we covered:

  1. Introduction to The Investor Lab Podcast  [00:00]
  2. Bundaberg’s Historical Growth [04:53]
  3. How To Choose The Right Time To Buy [07:52]
  4. How To Rationalize The Over-Exuberance Of The Market? [12:15]
  5. Where To Go Wrong With A Hotspot [17:48]
  6. Advice For People Thinking About Buying In The Suburbs [23:00]
  7. The Importance Of Understanding The Fundamentals [28:00]

About Our Guest:

Sean Simpson is a senior property analyst at Dashdot. Feeling as though getting a college degree won’t get him his goals, he instead got a job in real estate sales. He then went down the rabbit hole and fully immersed himself in learning all about property.

Sean is now living with his partner in a first development/strata sub they bought off market. They then purchased an underperforming commercial property and are turning it into 2x residential property. Outside work, Sean enjoys outdoor activities like camping and water skiing.

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