201:  How This Investor Went from doing 50+ Property Flips, to Doing Due Diligence On Over 100 Properties a WEEK! w/ Kelly Preen | #201

If you’ve been dying to know how we go about finding properties… you’re in for a treat. 

Join Goose and Property Analyst, Kelly Preen, as we peel back the curtain and share insights on how Kelly and her team analyse thousands of properties every month, to end up with only the top 1% for our clients. 

Kelly loves helping people to invest smarter. As an experienced property investor, flipper, property manager, and teacher, her immensely valuable experience boils down into the perfect combination of care and competence for consistently picking winners, and to guide you on your own journey (and hopefully avoid some of her mistakes!)

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 05:33 Shades of Real Estate in the 90s.
  3. 09:25 Kelly’s Start in Property Investing.
  4. 13:52 After Selling the Business.
  5. 18:16 Kelly’s Regrets and Lessons Learned.
  6. 22:48 Key Things for Due Diligence.
  7. 28:44 How to Build Rapport with Agents.
  8. 34:13 Importance of Property Management.
  9. 39:30 Kelly’s Advice for Aspiring Investors.

About Kelly

Kelly Preen is Property Analyst at Dashdot, and a former teacher and athlete from the UK who settled in New Zealand and developed a passion for property investing. She began by attending an ‘Investing in Property 101’ type course and then worked in property sales, which sparked her interest in real estate. 

Over time, she invested in and renovated approximately 50 properties and made mistakes. She eventually grew and sold her property management business and paid off her mortgages to create passive income. Now residing in Brisbane, she has turned her passion for property into her work with Dashdot, where she helps clients find and optimise their investment properties.

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