207: Why ‘Units Of Happiness’ Could Be The Secret To Property Finance in 2023 w/ Matt Goodyear | #207

Join us on Dashdot Insider as Matt Goodyear from the Happy Finance Company spills the beans on becoming a bank’s top investment pick. Learn how banks assess loans based on collateral, capacity, and character. 

Discover the secret stress tests they use and how to maximize your borrowing capacity. Find out how to align your actions with happiness, make smarter financial choices, and unlock financial success. Don’t miss out on this must-listen episode! 🎧💼💪

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 06:52 Decoding the finance industry
  3. 13:14 Spotting genuine savings
  4. 15:50 From savings to investments
  5. 19:20 Investors’ decision dilemma
  6. 25:03 Aligning actions for success
  7. 30:01 Maximize borrowing: Strategies for property portfolios
  8. 34:44 Rental income’s long game
  9. 40:05 Insights for the year

About Our Guest

Matthew Goodyear started in banking in 1998 and yes, it’s hard to believe looking at his photo, but he is about 10 years older than he looks! He holds a degree in Commerce majoring in Commercial Law and a Diploma in Finance Broking. He got in to property investment as an 18 year old. He can proudly say he made lots of mistakes at young age and now feels old and wise when it comes to finance and property. Over the years Matt has lost count of the number of people he has helped but he thinks he has settled somewhere in the range of $500M worth of loans. He describes being a broker as one of the best jobs in the world. “You get to meet and help people from so many walks of life, it’s amazing to see the different life choices and paths people take”. 

Matt has experience in residential lending, and has also helped many of his clients build their own home. He also helps his clients with their business, commercial and personal lending needs. Matt has been nominated for and won a heap of awards in the past, but ask him and he’ll say the most rewarding thing about being a broker is when someone says thank you after he’s helped them.

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