223: How Charley Valher Built a Phenomenal 10+ Property Portfolio | #223

Charley’s journey began unexpectedly when he and his partner, Bianca, decided to start a family. Charley left his job, embracing a contrarian approach in the thick of COVID.

In just 2.5 years, Charley bought 10 properties using genuine savings from external sources. Through smart debt management, he achieved consistent cash flow and impressive profits. And as interest rates rose, Charley focused on renovations, maximizing profits through compounding. 

Despite the challenges of refinancing every loan, Charley’s portfolio thrived. He eventually sold and repurchased properties, capitalising on opportunities while others hesitated. Charley also structured his investments wisely, mixing personal and trust holdings to optimise tax benefits.

But Charley’s 11th property? It’s unlike anything he’s bought before. It sits on a unique development site, adding excitement and diversification to his portfolio. More details on this location, plus Charley’s advice to aspiring investors, right inside this episode. It’s definitely one you won’t want to miss! 🎢🏡🚀 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 05:42 Scaling and Strengthening the Portfolio 
  3. 11:09 Mastering the Art of Portfolio Thinking 
  4. 15:58 Learning from Mistakes: Navigating Pitfalls
  5. 20:46 The Power of Diverse Structures
  6. 26:29 Buy, Sell, and Prosper 
  7. 30:56 When to Make Calculated Moves 
  8. 35:24 Wise Counsel for Aspiring Investors 
  9. 41:42 Questioning Assumptions: The Path to Excellence

About Charley

Charley Valher is a podcasting expert and a highly sought-after consultant among business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. As the Founder and CPO of Valher Media, he helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses through the power of podcasting. His insights have been featured in top publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur. To add, Charley’s expertise has launched multiple podcasters into becoming some of the best in their fields. 

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