232: Secret Revealed: How This Self-employed 30-Yr Old Turned $180K Debt into Financial Freedom | #232

From being knee-deep in debt to becoming a property wizard — buckle up as we dive into the incredible business journey of our guest, Brayden Warhurst.

Brayden is the brains behind Raw Surfaces, a microcement and polished concrete business that’s giving other competitors a run for their money.

We start by exploring why Brayden decided to start his own business, risking it all. It’s a tale of wanting freedom, control, and a ticket out of the 9-to-5 grind. Debt? Yeah, most folks are scared of it, but not Brayden. He played the leverage game like a pro, snagging $180,000 at a 3% loan rate. Talk about a financial superhero move!

Moving on to the property investing game, he started with an old 1970s unit that needed more love than a rom-com. He learned the ropes, stumbled a bit, but now? Boom! A property that’s not just a home, but a goldmine with a 72.19% return in nine months. 

So, put on your listening ears, and tune into the podcast because we’re about to drop wisdom bombs that’ll have you rethinking your property game. 🚀✨

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 06:11 Career Goals and Embracing Financial Risks
  3. 08:18 A Journey of Personal Growth and Fulfillment
  4. 14:55 Wealth, Satisfaction, and Living Life on Your Own Terms
  5. 17:33 The Art of Delayed Gratification
  6. 22:13 Balancing Work and Life: Insights into Property Investing
  7. 24:45 Transformative Property Investing: Shifting Mindsets
  8. 30:19 Homeownership and Property Investment: A Strategic Approach
  9. 35:47 Wealth Creation Aligned with Personal Growth
  10. 39:00 Confronting Fears in Property Investment
  11. 44:16 Property Investment Strategies: Lessons from Experience
  12. 50:30 Inflation Era Property Investment: Logic and Analysis at the Forefront
  13. 56:17 Ethical Property Investing: Personal Accountability in Focus
  14. 1:00:27 Strategic Information Consumption and Effective Networking
  15. 1:04:22 Mastering Networking with Accomplished Entrepreneurs

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About Brayden:

Meet Brayden Warhurst, the visionary behind Raw Surfaces—a premier installer specializing in premium microcement & polished concrete surfaces, based in the scenic Mornington Peninsula.

But Brayden is not just a business owner. He is also a health, wellness, mountain biking, surfing enthusiast, not to mention an experienced property investor – basically, a guy who knows how to make life one big, adventurous party.

Connect with Brayden:

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