233: How The Smartest Property Investors Minimise Risk: Portfolio Diversification Part 1 | #233

What’s more important than maximising your returns on an investment property?

The answer: NOT getting stuck.

Save yourself from stagnation by listening to this special episode.

Today is all about Jason and Sean throwing down knowledge bombs that’ll help your portfolio move forward.

You see, being an investor is not all about collecting properties like some hobbyist. Rather, it’s also about dodging the pitfalls and creating a portfolio that’s as smooth as butter.

Geographical diversification is the new black. Forget about sticking to your own backyard; it’s time to globetrot on the real estate world map. Jason and Sean spill the tea on why local ain’t always the way to go.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 00:51 Strategies and Overcoming Obstacles in Property Investment
  3. 07:24 Unveiling Modern Portfolio Theory
  4. 10:48 Modern Portfolio Theory: A Game-Changer in Real Estate Investing
  5. 16:27 Real Estate Investing Strategies and Risk Management 
  6. 22:41 Portfolio Plans and the Theory of Constraints
  7. 27:33 Property Investment Strategies and Geographic Diversification
  8. 32:20 Geographic Diversification in Property Portfolios
  9. 40:58 Property Investment Planning and Portfolio Optimization
  10. 44:56 Portfolio Planning and Risk Management 
  11. 50:38 Property Investing and Climbing the Sophistication Ladder

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