237: Maximising Returns: Young Property Manager’s Innovative Approach to Cash Flow and Management | #237

We all love to hate property management. 

We know it’s not the sexiest topic on the block, but guess what? It’s key to making your property journey a breeze.

For today’s episode, Goose is joined by Jonathan Bell from Housemark and he spilled the beans on how they turned property management from the lost cousin to the golden child of real estate. They’ve got a 100% referral rate, meaning folks are lining up to have Housemark manage their properties. Why? Because they’re not just managing… they’re out there hustling to get you a better result.

Now, if you think you can DIY property management, slow down.

Hiring a property manager isn’t just a cost; it’s an investment. It could add a cool $100 to your weekly return—enough for a fancy dinner every week or even more property investment adventures.

So, treat your property manager like the MVP that they are. Build a relationship, have a virtual coffee chat, maybe even a Zoom call at your property to get to know it better.

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See you on the inside! 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 03:03 Unleashing Growth and Keeping Clients Happy in Property Management
  3. 05:32 The World of Property Management: Industry Insights and Incentives
  4. 11:11 DIY Property Management vs. Bringing in the Pros
  5. 14:33 Property Management and Investment Strategies
  6. 20:10 Streamlining Property Management Tasks and Cutting Costs
  7. 23:00 Adding Value to Rental Properties for Maximum Returns
  8. 28:42 Why Hiring the Best Property Management Team Pays Off
  9. 31:30 Navigating Property Management Industry Growth
  10. 36:57 How Service-Driven Businesses Impact Their Clients
  11. 39:34 Revolutionizing Real Estate: Transformative Moves and Societal Impact

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About Jonathan:

Jonathan Bell, the driving force behind Housemark, brings over a decade of real estate expertise, starting his journey at 16. A standout alum of St Joseph’s Nudgee College and Queensland University of Technology, Jonathan’s passion for property meets strategic prowess.

As Managing Director, he’s reshaped property management standards, earning a solid reputation for proactive and reliable service. Jonathan and the Housemark team specialize in portfolio growth, executive rentals, and staying up-to-date in local trends.

Connect with Jonathan:

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