238: How a 32-Year Old Techie Is Building His Property Empire | #238

Before Josh McMillan became a property wizard, he had tried it all: university, job hunting, a career in IT, even building his own labs.

In the end, he realised life’s too short to not invest in a future that screams freedom, choice, and abundance.

By investing in property, he started investing in a life less ordinary. Think unlimited trips, exotic foods, and a quest to experience it all before time runs out.

So if you’re still hesitating on taking the property plunge, check out this episode for golden nuggets of wisdom from Josh’s blazing investing journey.

A $220,000 property turned into a gold mine? Check. Learning the ropes, overcoming anxieties, and hitting that second property milestone? Double-check.

So, kick back and join Josh on this Dashdot Insider Podcast.

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 04:37 Growing Personally and Finding Life Fulfillment
  3. 08:14 Choosing Experiences Over Stuff
  4. 12:15 Making Money Moves with Property Investment
  5. 17:34 Unpacking Property Investing Mindset and Goals
  6. 20:47 Riding the Property Investment Wave with Expertise
  7. 26:44 Buy or Rent, Numbers Speak Louder
  8. 31:33 Real Estate Investment: Beyond Walls, Into Financial Planning
  9. 36:57 Strategies and Automation Unveiled
  10. 39:10 Entrepreneurial Grit and Streamlining Success
  11. 43:05 Entrepreneurship, Business Growth, and the Property Puzzle
  12. 47:54 Navigating Property Acquisition Risks with Perspective
  13. 52:43 Risk and Gains in Real Estate Investment

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About Joshua:

  • Joshua McMillan teamed up with Dashdot to achieve financial freedom. With our guidance, Josh’s cash flow positive property has seen 59.55% growth in under two years. Now eyeing a second property, Dashdot’s support is propelling Josh towards increased net worth and more time for meaningful pursuits.

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