239: Revealing the Secrets of Thoughtful Spaces in Property Investing | #239

The guru of crafting spaces for a top-notch life is joining the Dashdot Insider Podcast. Amy Loughman shares how your workspace makes or breaks your worldview.

For property investors, Amy shares tips on creating homes that boost well-being. Zoom into your home office — the battleground for focus and creativity. Amy spills the tea on creating a workspace that fuels your best work, whether you’re crunching numbers or chasing creative vibes. 

Ready to level up your space game, whether at home or in the corporate jungle?

Hit play and learn how neuroarchitecture can become your secret weapon for making every space a thoughtful space.

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See you on the inside! 

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. 00:00 Coming Up
  2. 02:12 Balancing Work and Life: Crafting Spaces for Well-Being
  3. 07:00 The Influence of Environment on Your Worldview and Well-Being
  4. 13:12 Neuroarchitecture’s Impact on Well-Being in Property Investment 
  5. 19:01 Building a Collaborative Property Portfolio with Happy Tenants 
  6. 24:52 Elevating the Work-from-Home Experience for Well-Being 
  7. 28:03 Productivity in Remote Work: Navigating Environmental Factors 
  8. 34:13 Designing Workspaces and Habits for Your Well-Being 
  9. 41:32 Fostering Flow for Productivity and Satisfaction 
  10. 45:30 Mastering Single-Tasking, Multitasking, and Boosting Work Efficiency 
  11. 49:14 Workplace Culture and Taking Personal Responsibility

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About Amy:

  • Amy Loughman, PhD, is a psychologist and scientist with a decade of experience in health research. Passionate about well-being, she applies her expertise in neuroarchitecture and environmental psychology. Through her company, Thoughtful Spaces, Amy offers guidance on optimizing well-being in remote workplaces. In her private practice, she conducts neuropsychology assessments, providing clarity on cognitive function in various contexts.

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