85: How This Young Couple Doubled Their Property Portfolio in Just Over a Month

Building a property portfolio does not happen overnight. It’s a long labour of love that takes years and years before you can set yourself up for success. But for some, it can take a much shorter time than that. 

In today’s episode, we discover how this power couple, Dane and Lauren, managed to double their property portfolio in just over a month.  

We’ll talk about how they got into property investment in the first place…

The challenges they encountered in building their portfolio…

Their experience and mindset before and after their involvement with Dashdot…

And heaps more!

If you’re looking for inspiration to jumpstart your portfolio’s growth, then this episode is for you

See you on the inside!

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In this episode, we cover:

  1. Getting to know Dane and Lauren and their property journey [02:16]
  2. The average cost for building a house [07:39]
  3. How Dane and Lauren met [09:32]
  4. Was there any strategy behind Dane’s property acquisition? [13:53]
  5. The goal is to continue to grow their portfolio [15:37]
  6. Why they decided to invest in real estate as a couple [16:16]
  7. Lauren’s plans and her take on property investing [17:49]
  8. The roadblocks in furthering their property portfolio [19:49]
  9. The dangers of spiraling down to a “passive delay” thinking [21:43]
  10. Their strategic shift in property purchasing then and now [23:32]
  11. Are cheap properties synonymous to “junk properties”? [25:13]
  12. What are Dane and Lauren’s next steps? [28:43]
  13. Advice for people who want to start investing [30:14]
  14. Normalize talking about wealth building [31:27]

About Our Guests:

Before Dane focused on property investment, he was a carpenter who managed their family business which is also related to property management. After managing to secure and invest in properties, that’s when he met Lauren, Canadian by birth and lawyer by profession. Together, they invested and continue to invest and search for more properties to expand their joint property portfolio.

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